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Friday, 20 April 2018

Oils That Work Wonders For Your Hair

Oils That Work Wonders For Your Hair

These Oils Are Great For Your Hair, Find Out Why

Avocado Oil

Almond oil

Coconut oil

Castor oil

Vitamin E

Aroma Magic Lavender oil

Aroma Magic Stimulate oil

Neem Oil


Avocado oil

ü It is a good moisturizer for dry, brittle and damaged hair
ü It Promotes hair growth,
ü Avocado oil adds and locks in moisture, natural SPF, promotes healthy cell growth
ü It is also great for maintaining and restoring scalp health.

    Almond Oil

ü It Controls hair loss
ü The softening properties of almond oil increase the styling manageability of the hair, which also results in less hair breakage. The less hair that breaks, the more noticeable hair growth is.

Coconut Oil

 Coconut oil hair growth benefits can be effectively harnessed when used warm with a scalp massage.
The massage itself helps to stimulate the circulation of the scalp and hair follicles, which will make it easier for the hair follicles to absorb the valuable nutrients provided by the coconut oil, nutrients which are necessary to re-grow hair.
ü Coconut oil prevents hair breakage and split ends
ü It stimulates hair growth, adds moisture and shine
ü It also promotes scalp and skin health.

  Castor Oil

ü Castor oil contains Omega-9 fatty acids which help moisturize the hair and the scalp preventing both from becoming dry.
ü Regularly applying castor oil to your scalp and roots to eliminate dry hair and promote the growth of hair within months.
ü It will also help to thicken hair that is thinning out.
ü Helps reduce and prevent damage.
ü It can also hide the appearance of damage while trying to improve your hair’s health leading to thicker, fuller hair over time.

      Vitamin E

ü Not only does vitamin E help with split ends, but it also keeps your color vibrant.
ü Vitamin E also keeps your hair color from going gray.
ü Vitamin E helps with the growth of capillaries. When there are more capillaries, the circulation improves and it is thought that the improved circulation to the scalp is the trigger for preventing hair loss.

Aroma Magic Lavender oil

ü Regular usage is helpful in controlling hair fall and improving hair growth.
ü One can use lavender oil for hair growth and get rid of other problems like itchy scalp and dandruff.
ü It is a powerful antiseptic and useful for disinfecting the scalp hence, treating dry scalp, lice, lice eggs.

     Aroma Magic Stimulate oil

ü Helps remove an infection in hair follicles.
ü Stimulates hair follicles.
ü Increases circulation and oxidization to bring about re-growth of hair and arrests hair loss.
ü Nourishes the hair to give it a healthy glow and sheen.

Neem Oil

ü It fights fungal infections, removes dryness, removes pigmentation,
ü Neem oil is good for Healthy hair,
ü It is also used for Dandruff treatment,
ü It Treats frizzy hair,
ü It treats head lice,
ü It promotes hair growth and removes splits.
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 My Experience

People used to say “Shade you are a bad girl, you broke Tunji's heart. How could you be so callous? He is on his knees, take him back. They called me names and yet, I can't bring myself to forgive him. Yeah, if you know what that Son of a bitch did, you would agree with me that he deserves death by hanging. Tunji is a bastard, I don't owe anyone an apology for saying this. You will agree with me after reading my experience with Tunji. Maybe it's time I expose him for who he is. A cheating, lying, conniving son of a bitch.
          He was my boyfriend, I loved him, we ate together, I cooked his food (I wish I had poisoned him) and wash his dirty clothes. He was yet to get a job, I loved him, I didn't matter that he had no penny. I was working so I spent my hard earned cash on him, I was stupid.
          I had a friend, her name was Cynthia. She was the best of my friends. We ate together, drank together, wear the same outfit to parties and even wear each other's clothes and jewelry. I even allowed her to borrow my make-up. She knew I was crazy about Tunji.
          Only God knows how long they've been doing it behind me. So one of the worst days of my life, I went to see Tunji in his house. I was a regular visitor so I don't have to knock. I opened the door and it was as if I was in the wrong room, Tunji was on Top of a lady. I was shocked, but I wasn't a coward. I moved towards the bed to face the woman, and well, who do you think it was? My best friend Cynthia.
                                                                                      To be Continued……..

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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

How to Start Your Own Blog

How to Start Your Own Blog

Starting your own blog is not that hard if you really want to, after reading 5 reasons you should start your blog I bet you want to do it right away. Well, it is not so hard and I can make it easier with this article on how to start your own blog in 4 easy steps, so get ready to learn one or two things.
 Starting your own blog is as easy as ABC. Yes!  It is that easy and it is getting easier with articles like this. We know you need all the help you can get if you don’t want to just wobble and fumble through it. It is available and for free

Step By Step Process on How to Start Your Own Blog

You don’t really need to be a computer guru or an IT expert to start your own blog; I wasn’t and with patience and passion I was able to start my own blog and become an expert at it within a year. See? It is not as hard as you think so I will take you through the step by step process to start your own blog right away.

1. Discover Your Niche

What is that idea that you are crazy about? I mean the one you can write about even in your dreams? Where does your passion lie? What do people know you for? I mean that world you can explore without limits? You realized it yet? That is your niche! That is what you will become popular for.
Explore this niche and elaborate on it on your blog. If you are yet to discover it then don’t start yet! There can never be a blog without a niche. Take your time to discover it first.

2. Get A Domain Name

Your domain name is your web address, e.g. People can find you on the web through your web address. You need to choose your web address carefully as it can affect your blog traffic.
Here are useful tips on how to choose your domain name:
·        Make it simple and remarkable: some people choose long and hard to spell domain name at their own peril. Keep it simple, cute, easy to spell and pronounce.

·        Don’t use numbers, symbols, signs or punctuation:  Don’t put underscores, commas, hyphens, numbers or symbols to make it easy for people that are going to search for it online.

·        Let it point clearly to what your blog is all about:  it is not advisable to use your for your domain name, let it reflect your niche instead e.g.

·        Use company name or when your blog is talking about more than one thing: for instance if you are known for dishing out hot celebrity news and you are also a fashion icon, instead of naming your blog as or use your

·        Avoid long domain name: keep it short and memorable. People should not struggle to remember your domain name.

Get a domain registrar like and others and get your domain name registered.

3. Host Your Blog

A host provides server space for your site. Put simply, when your site lives on a server, others can find your site on the internet.
You need to decide whether to pay for your blog or grab a free one but I will advise you to host your own blog because as the saying goes cheap things are expensive.,, and are all offering free blogs, Awesome, right? It’s perfect for those who aren’t serious about blogging. But it does have disadvantages; here are some of the difficulties you will encounter if you go for free blogs:

You Won’t Be Able To Get Your Own Domain Name:

 I am sure you have your own domain name in mind already but if you go to free blog your blog’s URL will be ugly. Instead of having your domain e.g. you will have something like,, or, ugly? Isn’t it.

You Can’t Really Call Your Blog Yours:

If it is free then it is not completely yours because it is hosted on someone else’s web property and they can delete it whenever they want. How will you feel if you just wake up one day to discover that your blog is gone? Which means all your hard work on your blog, all those countless hours of writing blog posts might disappear within seconds

There Are Mountains Of Limits:

There are limits to free blogs. You can’t fully monetize it, it won’t be possible to upload all your videos and images – it’s all limited. Worse still, you won’t even have access to the free themes offered by WordPress.
So how much is hosting and a domain name? Not as much as you’re thinking, fortunately. It usually works out to about $5 to $10 per month, depending on your hosting provider.
So with this, I think you won't want to try a free blog unless you want to use it for practice until you get your own site. Now let's get to the 4th step in how to start your own blog.

4. Get A Great Design For Your Blog

The final step is to get an eye-catching and beautiful design that your audience will appreciate. This will go a long way in deciding the success of your blog.
 Get a beautiful theme: some of the themes are free but you might need to buy some. Don’t look at the expense and get something that does compliment your niche.
Don’t forget to get a creative logo if you don’t have one yet and add beautiful pictures and graphics design to give your blog a facelift.
You can see that starting a blog is easier than you think, but if you need help, do not be afraid or ashamed to ask for one.
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Thursday, 27 July 2017



Breakups are messy, painful and come with lots of heartaches: many people have landed in the grave after a break up (yes, it can kill), many have become broken and scared for life while the weak-hearted ones have lost their sanity after a breakup. Can there be a reason to inflict such pain on an individual? When can and should you break up that relationship? You can do it when:


 Some women are being beaten by the man they love and have become a living corpse as a result, some suffered psychological abuse and have lost their self-esteem and live in a shell. In many cases both the abuser and the abused love each other deeply but because one of them needs psychological, spiritual or material help the other person has to suffer. When you are being abused, leaving is justified because your life and sanity is at stake. Even if your abuser threatens to commit suicide you have to save yourself first before you can save another.


Don’t ever stay in a relationship out of pity. If you are convinced you don’t love your partner anymore or you have fallen hard for another then leaving is justified. People might call you a jerk or a terrible person but it is better than being deceitful or turning into a cheat. If there is no hope of bringing back love, respect and trust in your relationship then you will be doing your partner a lot of good by leaving. Your partner may not appreciate it now but he or she will see it as a blessing in disguise later in life. You can read my article on how to break up right.


You are in a relationship and both of you love each other but there is no peace in your heart if it doesn’t feel right maybe it isn't. If you have done something bad like betraying someone to get into that relationship, telling lies to get accepted or dating a relative(incest) you won’t have peace even if both of you love each other deeply. Love alone cannot keep two people together, you have no right to deceive or break other people’s heart in order to mend yours. Peace and sleep will always elude you; breaking up is justified.


No matter how much your partner beg and cry if you have proof that he or she has cheated on you then breaking up is justified. Your partner has no right to hold on to two or more women or men at a time unless he or she plans to marry both. Trust is important in a relationship and if any of you have broken it the offender should take responsibility. If you have cheated on your partner and he or she finds out you should break up if your partner request for it. You can’t eat your cake and have it.


It is called extramarital affairs or infidelity and both of you have no right to be together, in fact, you should break up now. Being with someone that is married to another is very wrong: you can’t get married and the relationship is doomed from the start. If he or she ended up leaving his or her spouse for you be prepare to suffer the same fate too. Where is your conscience? No reason is good enough to date a married man.

Let’s face it, if you are not meant to be together nothing can keep you together. It is better to hurt someone with the truth than to make them happy with a lie. If you have any of the reasons above then leaving is justified.


Wednesday, 19 July 2017



Every guy believes that there is a woman out there for him, she is built to his taste: she has the kind of body he desires and she is an embodiment of virtuous character and innocence. They just have to meet and Ta-da! She will wear the slippers well and they will live happily after. You have been misled, Cinderella is a fairytale and you can’t find her for the following reasons:


When you find the one with the right boobs her legs are not straight and just when you find the one with the right hips her teeth look like forks. Why can’t everything be perfect? Why can’t every woman look like Beyonce or Rihanna or Angelina Jolie and other sexy women? What you overlook or don’t know is that those women have done liposuction, plastic surgery, nose reconstruction, breast implant: a nip here a tuck there to look how they look now. Can you just give women a break?! No wonder we have women wearing fake boobs and hips nowadays.


I loved reading the weekend newspaper when I was a teenager; I was addicted to the relationship advice page and devoured the paper immediately it was delivered. A man wrote a letter asking for advice, according to him he loved women with big boobs and married one. After nursing a child he noticed that his wife’s breast shrank and was covered with stretch marks, the poor man felt cheated and the love he had for his wife began to wane. Don’t marry hips or fall for a good figure you might regret it.


‘Why didn’t I realize you were like this sooner? I can’t live with this let's break up’ how many women have you said this to? You kept moving from one damsel to the other looking for the perfect fit and at the end of the day you end up settling for a pretender who will exhibit worse character after marriage. Hormones make women act crazy sometimes and if she has pent up emotions she might just explode when you least expect it. Don’t expect her to act like an angel all the time. Tolerate what you can and help her improve.


The way a woman will act when you were just friends will be different from how she will act when she is your fiancée: she might be sweet and supportive as a friend but become unreasonable as your fiancée. She wasn't pretending before, you don’t just understand that it is a different ball game entirely. A woman’s attitude depends on how you treat her most times but sometimes it depends on her mood. Almost all women are jealous and possessive but some control it better than others, the sweet and perfectly innocent woman you are looking for does not exist.


Courting a woman is like going to the market to buy clothing material, you have to cut and then sew it to your taste. Don’t covet your neighbor’s woman, only he can deal with her because she is to his taste. Get your own woman and help build her. If you always look for finished or ready-made women you will be disappointed, invest in your woman and help her grow (you can read my article on how to build a woman).

Every woman can act like an angel if she is treated like one, she can also look like an angel if you polish her; no woman is ugly she is just broke. Many of the actresses you see on TV don’t look that good in real life so stop living a fantasy. Know the difference between what is real and what isn’t and don’t have unrealistic expectations from others.

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