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Monday, 7 May 2018

Dangerous Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fall In Love 2

Dangerous Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fall In Love2

This is the concluding part of 5 dangerous reasons you shouldn’t fall in love, If you have not yet read the beginning please click on the above link to do so.

why you shouldn't fall in love

4. When You Fall In Love, You Cannot See Your Partners Fault

Nobody is without fault, what makes a relationship stronger is willingness to accept those fault, and decision to work on them but if you are in love then you will never see those faults until they come out of hiding when it is too late and bite you in the butt. This is the reason why many are in a relationship with cultists, prostitutes, armed robbers, drug addicts and people that abuses than physically and emotionally.
When they tell many people that guy is a womanizer or that lady is free with her virtue: any man can sleep with her at the right price, and the person refuses to see reality it is because the person has fallen in love. Many men and women are no longer enjoying their marriages because of the dangerous faults they refused to see while they were single because they were in love, they would be forced to see them later when it is too late.

5. When You Fall In Love You Cannot Recover

Have you seen many people that are badly broken after a relationship? It was because they fell in love, falling in love is like eating a walnut; it begins with sweetness and ends in bitterness.  When you fall in love you can’t recover especially if the other person finally leaves because he/she will be leaving with your heart.
Getting your life back after a break up is difficult because you fell in love, listen and listen well, love is not meant to be fallen into, why should you break your life, dreams, and heart just because you jumped when you shouldn’t? You are not supposed you jump or leap into love, it is a one-way ticket to disaster!
 You have read the various reasons why you should not fall in love and I am sure if you are honest with yourself you would admit that one or two of these things have happened to you before or to someone close to you. So what is the way out? Being in love is the best thing that can ever happen to anybody but you don’t have to fall into it, Do you want to know the best way to find yourself in love?

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5 Dangerous Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fall In Love

5 Dangerous Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fall In Love

why you shouldn't fall in love

Falling in love can be thrilling, mesmerizing and addictive, you have butterflies in your tummy and your hormones start singing joyful songs in anticipation, yeah! It can be a fascinating experience but it is also dangerous.
I know some would be opening their eyes wide in shock now and start thinking “this girl is nut; Subomi is out of her mind, what is life without love?” I agree that love makes life worth living but nobody said you have to fall into it. When you fall in love there is no way you won’t get hurt, you might get your legs, heart and every part of your body broken.
Because you place a call to a Psychiatric hospital telling them to lock me up let me give you 5 reasons why you shouldn’t fall in love.

 5 Dangerous Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fall In Love

Let's go through those reasons one after the other

1. When You Fall In Love You Get Hurt

Some would say what is a little bit of pain compared to the joy and elation you feel in your beloved’s arm? But really, must you fall into the fire with your two eyes open?. Falling in love is addictive and infatuation is inevitable, trust me, infatuation will ruin your destiny.  
Infatuation is that feeling of worthlessness and deadness without the person you fell in love with, that is the sole reason why many people commit suicide after a failed relationship, it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to lose yourself because you love someone else, you don’t have to lose the will to live because someone somewhere has no feeling to be with you anymore. So listen to my advice and never fall in love.

2. When You Fall In Love You Lose Your Freedom

When you fall in love you can never be yourself again, you lose all your freedom to gain the respect and affection of someone else, you want to change your lifestyle and believes to conform to their expectation of what an ideal man or woman should be. At the end of the day, you discover that you have lost the freedom to be yourself and your life has become woven with theirs, you can never be complete or whole again.
You are unique, so is your ideas, personality, and purpose in life but wanting to exchange those for a few thrills that cannot last is not wise, come to think of it what if you fell in love, change everything about yourself and at the end of the day the other person cannot accept you after they have changed you, then what?

3. When You Fall In Love You Cannot Be Truly Happy

When you fall in love you have mortgaged your happiness because you fell in love, you cannot be truly happy unless the other person makes an effort to make you happy; it is like giving away the key to your happiness, someone somewhere now controls the way you feel.
The feeling might be thrilling for few months when the passion and desire to please you is so high on the mind of the other person, and then there comes the stage of disillusion when the person starts noticing your little faults and starts drawing away. The stage of disillusion will surely come in every relationship because the closer the other person draws to you the clearer your faults if the other person cannot overcome this stage then your happiness will come crumbling down.

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How To Walk Into Love Part 2

How To Walk Into Love Part 2

We are discussing how to walk into love, this is the concluding part of the article, don’t forget to share after reading.
How to work in love

 4.  To Walk Into Love Have Purpose And Pursue Them

To walk into love, you have to be walking in purpose first; don’t be too idle that you have enough time to check out all the guys/girls on your street! When I was growing up I discovered that many people knew me and I don’t even know many of them, I will be buying something at a store and a guy will look at me and say “You are Subomi” I would open my eyes wide in surprise wondering how he got to know my name, I was so busy reading and writing that I don’t even know who was the hottest guy on the street.
Guys that have time to check out all the girls on their street end up impregnating girls and girls that have time for partying, clubbing and checking out all the men on the street end up having children out of wedlock and becoming prostitutes.
Get busy, be productive and goal oriented and you won’t have time to fall in love with everyone that comes your way, you would be able to control your feelings if you don’t allow your imagination to run wild all the time.

5. To Walk Into Love Place A Value On Yourself

If you call yourself a rag people will use you to clean tables and chairs and dump you in the dustbin, place a value on yourself. It is lack of self-esteem that will make you fall for every guy that asks you out or want to grab a guy/girl quickly because you think if you linger he/she might have a change of mind.
You are priceless and worthy of love, you deserved to be courted and wooed slowly and if you need time to make up your mind about someone don’t be too afraid to take it. Take charge of your life and your relationship, If a man or woman is taking too much of your space without making his/her intention known please question that person, If you allow too much closeness with the opposite sex thinking you can handle any type of advances you can find yourself seduced and compromised!
Walking in love is not that hard, you just have to place a value on yourself, be under the control of the Holy Spirit, have goals and follow them, and take your time before you say yes to someone asking you out.

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How To Walk Into Love

How To Walk Into Love

Why should you fall in love when it is safer and more rewarding to walk into it? Waking in love is the wisest decision any single can ever make in a relationship. If you truly desire to walk in love then you must be ready to do these things:

How to walk in love1. Don’t Say Yes Immediately You Are Being Wooed

Men do many things to get a woman to go out with them and many women can move heaven and earth to get a man they love to return their feelings if you desire to walk in love you must not make a commitment immediately you are being wooed even if you have feelings for the person.
It might look like playing hard to get but it isn’t, take your time to be sure about the relationship and to get familiar with the person, you might be surprised about what you will discover. Remember this: wait and have patience because feelings can be fleeting.

2. To Walk Into Love You Have To Control Your Feelings

You have to understand what attraction is, and why you are having those feelings to be able to control them. Not every feeling you have is love, there can be feelings of lust or sexual desire even when love is absent! Are people that sleep with prostitutes in love with them?
Every man or woman have the picture of the ideal mate they want in their head e.g. he/she must be tall and fair, have big boobs and large hips, have six packs and cute face and sometimes it might not be physical, you might want him/her to be caring, love kids etc.
When you met someone that carries a resemblance to the picture you have in your head then attraction and desires come in, it is natural, intense and an unconscious thing! It doesn’t matter if the person is an abuser, drug addict, cruel or have an anger problem, you would still fall in love! Do you now know why falling in love can be dangerous?

3. To Walk Into Love You Need The Holy Spirit

It is hard to control your feelings if you are doing it in your own willpower, you will fail woefully and surrender to the tide because you have no power to fight the wave. The reason you find yourself in love with every tall guy/lady you met and end of having a relationship with many of them is that you lack the Holy Spirit.
Some would start thinking “what does being a Christian have to do with walking in love?” it does have a lot to do with it, if you are yet to be born again you need to surrender to Jesus and be under the leading of the Holy Spirit. When the feelings hit you the Holy Spirit will talk senses into you. I am a living witness, many people wonder how I can have handsome male friends without dating or falling in love with them, it is because the Holy Spirit has overcome the flesh, having feelings have to do with the flesh.
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Friday, 27 April 2018




There is danger in dishonesty  PROVERBS 28:13
Marriage is the only place where God expects us to be naked and not be ashamed.

To be open, sincere, honest, plain,  and transparent without any form of hypocrisy, hidden agenda. Any relationship that is built on compromise will not last long.

Many people have entered into marriage to discover that their partner has a child somewhere already, has no womb, is impotent, has married before etc
Such discoveries can shatter people, so you should be honest with each other. Tell the person your past if he or she wants to continue fine.
If we can honestly stay and follow the faith at all times, all will be well with us and our future.
Healthy relationships are transparent relationships, full disclosure is expected in a meaningful relationship and the reward is intimacy.


Ø What you appreciate will appreciate in value and what you depreciate will depreciate in value
Ø Every relationship that wants to succeed must avoid familiarity
Ø Familiarity breeds contempt when respect is lacking
Ø For every relationship that will succeed maritally, there must be mutual respect for each other
One thing that has to be noted is the fact that respect is reciprocal and anyone that desires to be respected must also sow respect, This is true in friendship, courtship, marriage and every relationship of life.
Anyone that does not value you does not deserve you.
If respect is in place , things will be correct.


Sacrifice is the road traveled on the journey to your divine destiny. Sacrifice is as necessary to a relationship as pain to building one's personal character. A successful relationship will cost you a significant price

Love is not feeling but sacrifice and commitment. You must be willing to pay sacrifice to open the door to your future. Man is naturally selfish due to the human and Adamic nature,  but as Christians, we should allow the life if God to flow through us. No relationship can be joyous if one of the party is selfish, because selfishness destroys love and harmony.

Sacrifice is an essential key to a successful relationship which selfishness polluters
Its wrong for a Lady to enter a marital relationship with the expectations that the husband will meet all her needs, Hello Baby...wake up

If you are in a relationship only to get from your partner, then you have a problem with selfishness. Many people are frustrated in a relationship because they go in to get and not to give, hence they both have nothing to offer. YOU CAN ONLY ATTRACT YOUR KIND!

There is a place in the heart of man that only God can occupy and we should rid ourselves of unrealistic expectations in order to avoid frustration. Expecting a man or woman to meet all your spiritual, physical, financial, social, psychological and emotional need is an evil dream and a mirage, Such expectations lead to frustration.

You should focus more on how you can meet needs of your partner and not the other way round.


Marriage brings two people from two different backgrounds together to come and live together as one. If this purpose of oneness and unity will be achieved without stress or friction, then the two parties must check their compatibility and complement.You should be able to ascertain whether you are both complementary or contradictory.

 God will not bring into your life somebody that will be contradictory because if you as a lady will be a helpmeet to someone, he should be doing something that you will not contradict. If you as a man will get a lady to be your helpmeet, she would not contradict what God has given you.

If you discover unchanging and destructive contradictions during the time of courting, it is better to quit.

If what pulls you apart is more and higher than what pulls you together, then there is need to examine the union before making a lifetime commitment into sorrow.

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Every relationship has rules both to enter and remain: It's not everybody that comes our way that should have access to our life, for everyone that enters your life, have entered your future. Every relationship has either positive or negative effect on our lives, if the effect is negative one, walk out even though with tears.

People must qualify to enter your life and until you realize whom you are, you will allow everybody to enter. Proverbs 13:20, You will suffer both the consequences of and rewards of those who are closest to you, Destruction means death of purpose.
The moment we move towards the direction of a wrong relationship, it is the moment that our purposes begin to fade away, It is vital you qualify every person that comes your way.


Those from your past who continually try to drag you into your past

Those who are willing to accept you in the state where they met you and have some role to play in helping you to fulfill your present assignment

Ø Those who are undeniably tied to helping you enter your future
Ø They have been where you want to go
Ø They are the only ones who can take you to a better future


The mark of a healthy relationship is security which is as a result of trust, If you are in a relationship where you constantly have to look over your shoulder, get out, you are in a wrong relationship.

Good relationship may begin because of common purpose, mutual support and so on, but they endure because of commitment and trust. A relationship is only as strong as the strength of trust that exists between two parties. If there is no trust in a relationship,  things will fall apart.

When we trust God, we open ourselves to his blessings and when we trust each other at all times, we keep the channels of blessings. No matter the whispering and gossip, make up your mind to trust your partner because not everybody wants you to be happy.

A relationship without trust is like a dead man waiting to be buried, Where there is no trust, there will be no unity and the devil knows this, that's why he fights trust in marriage and sows different thoughts and pictures in people's mind to bring doubt and mistrust.

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Let me begin by saying that your future is not secured by money or resources but relationship. Every relationship contains rules, these rules are unspoken, undocumented and it varies.

There are different laws for different relationship, Parental laws of relationship will not work for marriage, your mother's love may not be necessarily reciprocated but your spouse's own must be reciprocated.

Business relationship laws will not be required in friendship laws, the laws must be discerned, respected and honored for the relationship to have impartation, longevity or the strength to withstand the seasons of adversity for it will come.

Your success in life depends on your relationships completely, for relationship is everything; you are four people away to the person who will connect you to your destiny in life. Those closest to you will determine the outcome of your life, the single most important factor defining your future is the relationship you embrace.

Your life is built on relationships, Relationship are like buttons on the lift
Some will take you fast, and others take you down fast: Whether you know it or not every relationship is taking you somewhere. Relationship made you whom you are today.


Understanding them will help you discern the correct posture in any relationship; we shall be looking at marital relationship:


Anybody getting into relationship must have a reason for entering into it.
It must be defined and in levels
Some brothers have taken it upon themselves the CANOPY OR UMBRELLA ministry of standing on the fence to some sisters in the name of brotherly care. They operate like mafias and hinders such sisters from being exposed to a wholesome relationship that will bless them. Talk they will not talk, propose, they will not propose.

The basic reason people why people get into relationship is to avoid loneliness
There is no such thing as an accidental or neutral relationship, Every relationship either hinder your life or benefit it. (Amos 3:3)

Before you enter into any relationship with anybody you must ask yourself this one question" Can I walk in agreement with this individual". Agreement on foundational issues such as values, beliefs, and ethical standards, Even though we all are believers, do we have the same belief?

Do we wear trousers in my own Church and they don't make up in his own church, Can Deeper lifer marry an Embassy member? There are individuals who do not belong to your life, everyone that comes into your life should not automatically be your friend; Friendship is by choice not by force.
When choosing relationship partner, choose people who are pursuing change,   excellence, and growth as you are doing.

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Friday, 20 April 2018

Oils That Work Wonders For Your Hair

Oils That Work Wonders For Your Hair

These Oils Are Great For Your Hair, Find Out Why

Avocado Oil

Almond oil

Coconut oil

Castor oil

Vitamin E

Aroma Magic Lavender oil

Aroma Magic Stimulate oil

Neem Oil


Avocado oil

ü It is a good moisturizer for dry, brittle and damaged hair
ü It Promotes hair growth,
ü Avocado oil adds and locks in moisture, natural SPF, promotes healthy cell growth
ü It is also great for maintaining and restoring scalp health.

    Almond Oil

ü It Controls hair loss
ü The softening properties of almond oil increase the styling manageability of the hair, which also results in less hair breakage. The less hair that breaks, the more noticeable hair growth is.

Coconut Oil

 Coconut oil hair growth benefits can be effectively harnessed when used warm with a scalp massage.
The massage itself helps to stimulate the circulation of the scalp and hair follicles, which will make it easier for the hair follicles to absorb the valuable nutrients provided by the coconut oil, nutrients which are necessary to re-grow hair.
ü Coconut oil prevents hair breakage and split ends
ü It stimulates hair growth, adds moisture and shine
ü It also promotes scalp and skin health.

  Castor Oil

ü Castor oil contains Omega-9 fatty acids which help moisturize the hair and the scalp preventing both from becoming dry.
ü Regularly applying castor oil to your scalp and roots to eliminate dry hair and promote the growth of hair within months.
ü It will also help to thicken hair that is thinning out.
ü Helps reduce and prevent damage.
ü It can also hide the appearance of damage while trying to improve your hair’s health leading to thicker, fuller hair over time.

      Vitamin E

ü Not only does vitamin E help with split ends, but it also keeps your color vibrant.
ü Vitamin E also keeps your hair color from going gray.
ü Vitamin E helps with the growth of capillaries. When there are more capillaries, the circulation improves and it is thought that the improved circulation to the scalp is the trigger for preventing hair loss.

Aroma Magic Lavender oil

ü Regular usage is helpful in controlling hair fall and improving hair growth.
ü One can use lavender oil for hair growth and get rid of other problems like itchy scalp and dandruff.
ü It is a powerful antiseptic and useful for disinfecting the scalp hence, treating dry scalp, lice, lice eggs.

     Aroma Magic Stimulate oil

ü Helps remove an infection in hair follicles.
ü Stimulates hair follicles.
ü Increases circulation and oxidization to bring about re-growth of hair and arrests hair loss.
ü Nourishes the hair to give it a healthy glow and sheen.

Neem Oil

ü It fights fungal infections, removes dryness, removes pigmentation,
ü Neem oil is good for Healthy hair,
ü It is also used for Dandruff treatment,
ü It Treats frizzy hair,
ü It treats head lice,
ü It promotes hair growth and removes splits.
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